Bringing radical innovation to a conservative category.

Bringing radical innovation to a conservative category.

Riva Partners Case Study

Bind On-Demand Health Insurance

Bind is a $70M startup with a revolutionary new product designed to disrupt healthcare, but they lacked a story and marketing plan.

Here’s how we helped them increase qualified leads, land major accounts, secure Series B funding, and own their On-Demand category.

Start fast with what you've got.

Often all a startup has early on is the founder’s future vision. That’s all we needed to launch a highly targeted stealth campaign that brought the right people to Bind at multiple VIP-only conferences.

Seize every opportunity.

You’re late to the party. You have no booth, but you’re desperate to get the attention of 18,000 professionals at the biggest HR conference of the year. How do you stand out and get more leads? You feed everyone hungry for change, and invite them to try Bind’s revolutionary search tool.

Run. Test. Refine. Run again...

Everything in marketing is an opinion until it’s tested by the market. Try different concepts and variations. Learn. Throw out what doesn’t work. Double down on the winners. Make success repeatable.

Let customers tell their stories, not yours.

There may be customers out there who think you’re as great as you say you are. The urge is to have them say your words. Don’t. Let them speak for themselves. Nothing builds trust like the humanity in an authentic testimony.


When the Board of Directors says, “Our current website looks like a small startup…”, you move fast. How fast? How about a CRM and site rebuild in 90 days, on budget. Riva spins up teams to fit your opportunity or we work with the right partner. In this case, we did both. Thanks, Instrument.

Our clients like to grow. We make it happen.

What's your goal?

Our clients like to grow. We make it happen.

What's your goal?