Right now we're all looking for straight talk. Truth with no platitudes. And more importantly, someone with a plan. If you're a CEO you're expected to have the answers, especially in these extraordinary times. But you don't. You can't – There's only one person who can lead your business into this new world. Now more than ever, follow your customer.

Ready to let them lead?

What do people need now?

Here's how we break it down.

Daily life changed all around the world. For the next three to six to twelve months, use search data to learn what people need right now. Start there.

Find the new need.

Find the new need

How are your competitors reacting? Use data to quantify what your competitors are doing and what they’re missing so you get to new demand first.

Measure your competitors.

Are competitors stunned?

Your annual plan + 10% doesn't work anymore; COVID-19 made it irrelevant. You need a new one fast. Follow your customer and execute to their new needs.

Make a new plan. Act now.

Make a plan - make your move

Start planning your 2021 now

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Two stages. Eight components - How Riva works

If you're looking for the typical agency capability list, this isn't it. This is Riva's method of targeting demand, flanking the competition, and executing to results. Two stages, eight components. Does it work? As one client recently said, “Why doesn’t all marketing just work like this?” We wonder that too.

Set the strategy and plan

Demand Modeling

Quantify the opportunity.

Competitive Modeling

Learn where to win.

Brand Story Strategy

Speak to what's in demand now.

Market Sprint Planning

Goals, tactics, and KPIs for a 90-day sprint to results

Execute in Market

Creative Direction & Development

Teams customized for the challenge at hand.

Media Management

Target needs over personas.

Performance Analytics

Measure for insight.

Iteration to Results

Launch. Learn. Improve. Repeat.


Riva Partners began in 2013 with a phone call from a CEO. His $25M technology company had missed their numbers for the first time in their 10-year history. What followed was a face-to-face meeting, a look under their hood, our strategic recommendation, a market test that yielded fast results, and then a year-long contract to restructure and execute their go-to-market. Five years later, the company's revenue surpassed $220M and in Q1 2020 they filed confidentially for an IPO valued at $3B. We simply came in, helped turn them around, got revenue and growth back on track, and they took it from there. That experience launched our company. Today, Riva Partners works with CEOs in technology and healthcare technology, both B2B and B2C, and on select projects that get us juiced.

Why we're partners.

John successfully launched and operated three farm-to-table restaurants before that was a thing. jMatt launched and ran a record label from his college dorm, his band winning the title "Best Unsigned Band in America". Chas. bought, grew, and sold a $20M ad agency to successfully launch a virtual marketing firm in the days before the Internet. In short, we each got the taste of being an entrepreneur before the age of 30. Today, together as Riva Partners, we're still drawn to smart new ideas, fellow entrepreneurs, CEOs, and investors hungry to seize emerging market opportunities and slingshot their business.

What we believe.

A friend of ours passed this wisdom on to us. It came from his father, and his father's father. It’s old. Always be lift, never be drag. As difficult as it is to maintain optimism in these times, even for us, we're committed to this core value. We believe that raising each other up is how we all achieve more, personally, professionally, and financially. So, let’s always be lift and spend our time with like-minded peers, facing challenges together, not just for the money, but for the juice that partnership and collaboration and reaching a shared, seemingly out-of-reach goal always brings. Always be lift. In the end, nothing matters more.