Riva Partners is an independent marketing innovation company.We align data, demand, and human emotion to remake marketing into a business driver.Riva works exclusively with CEOs, founders, and marketing leaders hungry to grow.

What's your growth goal?

This isn't your agency's approach.

Our proprietary method brings data, technology, and story together to find demand and engage it with the right message at exactly the right moment.Here’s how we work across strategy, planning and execution.

Strategy. Testing. Scale.Results in three stages.

Get Smart

Audit OpportunitySet Story & StrategyCreate Roadmap

Get Traction

Start SmallLearn fastIterate quick hits

Get Scale

Invest in big hitsGrow RevenueBuild your machine

Stage 1: Get Smart

In less than six weeks, discover the opportunity, set your strategy and story, and map the plan to ignite your growth in Stages 2 & 3. Get Smart has three deliverables:

The Deliverables:

The Audit

Measure your competitors across the digital ecosystem and learn how to beat them to demand.

It's not your eyes. We've blurred the details because The Audit is secret sauce.

The Brief

Differentiate your brand story with a focus on human emotion and their need state as expressed by data.

More secret sauce, redacted.

The Roadmap

Get to your goal with a 1-2 year tactical plan and budget tied to your data-supported opportunity.

Stage 2: Get Traction

In 60-90 days we prove out the fastest path to revenue growth. Here we create content to tell your brand story, test tactics appropriate for your business goal, and validate with results before you spend your marketing budget on the full-scale execution in Stage 3.

Stage 3: Get Scale

Over 12-18 months, we’ll build and manage the entire execution of your new marketing machine. Here, we create and launch more content and optimize the technology and talent needed to scale results and build marketing into an asset inside your business.

These are just a few examples of the Stage 3 in-market execution we've done for startups and corporations.


Our data-driven approach speaks to human emotion to scale results for B2C and B2B brands. How big is your goal?

Budget is spent with no return. Riva is hired to find the fix. This B2C solution uncovered new demand at scale. Let Riva find it for you.

A B2B company misses their revenue target. Our solution gets them back on track, growing, and acquired. Let us get you unstuck.